Wednesday, January 27, 2010

McGraw-Hill CEO Terry McGraw 'confirms' Apple tablet

More Spoilers for Apple's Media Event on 27 Jan 2010...
CEO Terry McGraw told the TV network that the company has worked with Apple for "quite awhile" on making content for the tablet and that "95 percent" of its e-books will be available. It should run a variant of the iPhone OS and will therefore let users transfer content between platforms.
While he stopped short of describing the tablet itself, McGraw complimented Apple for its work and said it would be "really terrific."

Executives have been known to occasionally overstate their connections to Apple in such slips, but the talk is likely to have confirmed virtually all the major rumors circulating around tomorrow's Apple gathering, including an emphasis on education as well as talks with news outlets to bring magazines, newspapers and other content to iTunes. Many still anticipate the tablet having a media-heavy focus and support for iPhone apps.

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