Friday, June 25, 2010

Will Traditional Print stays as Digital Content dominates?

My Brother MFC6490CW A3 Wireless "Multi-function Color" (MFC) Inkjet printer broke down a few months back. I only managed to get it repaired a moment ago. The service engineer had the black Inkjet Print Head replaced a moment back. Burnt another hole in my pocket...

Apparently, this Brother printer has the shortest lifespan amongst the rest of my inkjets. Having said that, It's also one of my very first A3 Inkjets & MFCs. 

Canon Inkjet printers have been faithful serving all my desktop colour printing needs since the 90's. 

Canon Pixma Injet Printer

Couple of years back, I also had the opportunity to work on Epson Large Format Proofers (5000/7000/9000/10K series) using EFI (previously Bestcolor Technology) Colorproof XF 3.x. 

These are excellent proofers if both the printers & paper are set with the right ICC profiles. A tedious process if third party (more cost effective) paper is used to calibrate/generate the ICC paper profiles...

I would say printers have really evolved over the years... people no longer need to decide between a Kodak Dye-Sub vs a Solid-Ink Techtronix Phaser vs Thermal Transfer Phaser vs Epson Inkjet vs a Xerox Splash vs a Fiery Canon printer...

Inkjet technology has indeed dominated the print proofing market even thought it's possible to calibrate a Xerox Color Copier to be a proofer. The next wave of proofing will be digital proofing for digital content as more emphasis will be on e-zines (electronic magazines) & internet creatives. 

At least for the next 5-10 yrs, traditional print is here to stay. 

Even though, we are seeing more portable e-Readers like Amazon's Kindle DX, Apple's iPad, Sony Reader and Barnes & Noble's Nook, Traditional print in my opinion is still the de facto portable reading medium for the mainstream.

Amazon Kindle DX

Apple iPad

Sony Reader (PRS-600)

Barnes & Noble Nook

Btw, it's not just about whose eReader is more sleek - It's about who dominates the Information (News) & advertisement multi-billion dollar market first... 

These "readers" are just "plain medium or paper" - monopolizing the whole process or platform for content, advertisement & e-commerce (iTunes/App Stores/iAds, eBay,, etc) is what's drawing tonnes of eBook readers makers...

Why do you think Apple gets lawsuits for iAds? It's definitely more than trademark infringement I tell you...

As the market gradually become more dominated by "digital natives" aka "Generation Z" who will advocate on "green environment" & "eco-friendly movements", there's when the traditional print industry will be endangered...

This might also mean there will be lesser highly paid magazine models as most will be replaced by Computer Generated (CG) ones or even with "Holographic" models or Human-like robots with in-built interactive platform for online purchases, news & advertisement...

Scary what tomorrow might bring yah?

For now, I'm just happy my Brother printer is printing well again...

For Sale: Sony 3LCD XGA Projector (Premium Mobile)

I'm selling an under utilised Sony 3LCD ANSI 2100 Lumen XGA portable projector at SGD699 ONO. Contact me at 90935120 if you are keen to buy this super sleek Sony projector. Transaction is only available in Singapore.

Immaculate condition of pre-owned Sony VPL-CX21 Projector

Sideview of Sony VPL-CX21 premium mobile projector (weighing only 1.9kg):

The technical specs are as follows:

You can also download the complete specs from the following Sony site:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Most Compatible NAS with Apple iPad & iPhone - Synology!

Synology is one of my favourite Network Attached Storage (NAS) & easily has the best UI in the market.

There are even iPhone apps that enable users to stream music, photos & live CCTV Surveillance  recordings directly into the iPhone from Synology's NAS running DSM 2.3.

Diskstation Station Manager is the user interface (AJAX) program that you use to manage your NAS box.

Other really kool features includes:

1)   Super energy efficient (up to 10x lesser than a standard Windows server) also with "Scheduled Power ON/Off" capability
2)   EZ-Internet wizard that enable you to easily configure DDNS so that you can access your files via your iphone or Laptop (via internet browser) while on the move
3)  VMWare Compatible (this one is for techies only)
4)  Very Strong Data Encryption (AES-256bit) to protect sensitive data or folder
5)   Plenty of free 3rd Party application support
6)   Seemless backup integration with Amazon's S3 Online Cloud-based storage - if your NAS dies, a duplicated copy of your data is on the cloud.
7)   Free scheduled backup software for PC desktops/Laptops (Data Replicator 3) & Mac Systems (Time Machine compatible)
8)   IP CCTV recording Support 

Technical Spec for DS710+ ==> my recommendation for SOHO & Departmental storage

Check out the online demo on Synology's DSM 2.3 using your iPhone:

Account: admin
Password: synology

Have fun!

Apple iPhone 3GS users happy with iOS 4 Update

iOS 4 Software Update is fresh from Apple's oven & is available free for iPhone 3Gs & 3G users. With the exception of some physical enhancements available only on the iPhone 4, elated 3GS users can now access to over 100 amazing new features.

Here's screen captures of my newly upgraded iPhone 3GS:

Switching between Apps with new Multitasking features

You can now organise your apps by putting them into "Folders". Each Folder can store up to 9 Apps...

You need iTunes 9.2 to be installed before you can download the 378MB iOS 4 Update.

iPhone 3G users (announced at Apple WWDC) won't be able to use the Multi-tasking option due to it's smaller memory & speed limitations. Some 3G users are also experiencing slower start-ups...

Check out the following 4 easy steps to upgrade to iOS 4 from Apple "Learn how" -

Might be a good idea to switch to Airplane mode to avoid unnecessary interruptions during upgrade

iOS 4 updating in progess...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great JB Getaway at TKK Seafood Restaurant, Teluk Jawa (Malaysia)

This is my first time having seafood dinner at TKK Seafood Restaurant, JB. I really enjoyed the fresh seafood & the nice relaxing kelong ambience there...highly recommended.

Budget is about RM40-50 per pax. 4 out of 5 star rating.

Check out some of the photos taken there with my Punggol Edgedale Green neighbours...

Finally we get to eat what was chosen...

Finally, we got back to the JB customs for clearance & thereafter Singapore customs...after a fruitful shopping & seafood dinner trip...

Btw, for those interested to dine at TKK...check the map I got from the net:


Great JB Getaway at Jusco Aeon Tebrau City Shopping Centre

We had a great weekend shopping at Aeon Tebrau City Shopping Centre & a sumptuous seafood dinner at TKK Restaurant, Teluk Java (picts avail @ my next post)

Check out some of the vids & picts taken at Aeon:

Introducing my wife Serene...

Also, introducing Wendell...

Baskin Robbins one of my favourite ice-cream joint...

Demo on getting a peeled coconut

You can get free Wifi outside Nando's cool is that ; )

How could we missed a durian treat...Btw, that's Rick our chef friend & neighbour...

Huge parking space at Aeon Tebrau City Shopping Centre

Enough of shopping... now heading for seafood...which is 20 mins away at TKK Seafood Restaurant...
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