Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple Media Event on 27th Jan 2010 - Wishlist anyone? iTablet?? iPad?

7 Hours more...Apple Media Event on 27th Jan 2010

Will there be iLife '10 tomorrow morning?? And an Apple Tablet priced at sub SGD1400? iPod Touch with camera & IP telephony (Skype) maybe?? What's after Snow Leopard? New iPhone OS upgrade? Quite sure future iPhones will have teleconferencing feature but not tomorrow...maybe the tablet will have that...

A super thin tablet running Mac OS X with video conferencing will be an excellent tool for the doctors/medical line/logistics & also students...but have to be super robust & scratch-proof though... nothing new actually just that Apple have the best UI...much much better adoption since most people are familiar with iPhone UI. Oracle actually have iReceipt that users can scan receipts (orders & claims) on iPhone & send back to their Oracle system securely...

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