Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Favorite Short Films on Youtube

The Internet has given a number very talented individuals (film-makers) a mass channel to showcase their masterpiece on the internet.

These are some of my favourite short films on Youtube:

1)   The Milkman (2008) - short film based on a true man HD 16MM - directed by Neill Blomkamp

"The Milkman" is based on the life of my great grandfather who was a milkman and also a hitman. This film played at the Sacramento International Film Festival in May 2008. It was nominated for Best Cinematography at the Chapman Student Film Awards, and the script was a finalist for the Location Filmmaking competition at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

2)  The Grey Coat (2010) by Bob Giraldi

Bob Giraldi's latest short film is set in wintery New York. Its a story about a hardworking immigrant Korean family being extorted by two local detectives and the emergence of an unlikely hero.

3)  LUNCHBREAK (2011) Short Surf Film by by Clare Plueckhahn & Fran Derham

Lunchbreak' is a short surfing film that combines high performance surfing action with a cheeky twist on a North Shore legend.

A group of male surfers are out surfing when the local 'Gang' comes and calls 'lunch break' kicking them out of the water. The 'Gang's' session doesn't last long though, a group of groms are hot on their tales, determined to teach them a lesson.

Produced & Directed by Clare Plueckhahn & Fran Derham

4)  Playback (2011) by Tan SY (Monster Cloud Films)

When elderly Lee finds a toy gun in his store room, he is transported back in time to his childhood days, where he meets his play pal, Teck. This triggers him to re-live his memory.

This film, made with a group of friends, features my dad, my father-in-law, my son and my nephew. It was shot in one day with a Canon 5D Mk II.

It won the Grand Video Award (Professional Category) at Mediacorp's Creative Video Awards 2011.

5)  Ah Wing - Malaysia's Number 1 Salesman (2012) by Written and Directed by: Jin Lim (

One man, in search for a humble bargain, and another, who hates a man in search for a humble bargain. This short depicts the things a salesman would go through just to close a sale.

This production was a 100% indie production and had no sponsors and no, Canon did not pay us or approach us to shoot a video for them. All characters were purely fictional and all for fun. We'd like to thank AJ Rafael for being such a sport and agreeing to be in this short!

6) FAITH (2011) - A nominated short film for the Pan Pacific Film Festival 2011 - Directed by Young-Min Kim

Summary :
John Choi wakes up from an unsettling dream in which his professor has put his faith to the test. Every year, his professor tests his students with simple, but absurd, trick of dropping a lightbulb to rove their faith was futile. However, this time things are different when John and his fellow students stand for their faith despite the professor's constant push. The students counteract every last argument the professor brings up. The ignorant walls of the professor's belief shatters with the miracle at the end of the film. Three young students, John, Summer, and Becky stand up for their faith to prove their belief. - Nominee for the Pan Pacific FIlm Festival 4th (Best Short Film)

7) PERTAMA a first love story (2009)  Directed and Produced by HALIMI HASSAN @sieferism

So do you have any other short films to recommend?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Favorite Super Bowl Ads 2012

These are my top favorite commercials shown during the Super Bowl 2012 Advertisements

1)     "Transactions" Extended Version - 2012 Acura NSX Big Game Ad

2)    "The Avengers (2012)" - Extended Super Bowl Ad

3)    "Vampire Party" - Audi 2012 Game Day Commercial

4)    "Matthew's Day Off" - Official Extended 2012 "Honda CR-V Game Day" Commercial 

5)  The Bark Side: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser

6)    The Dog Strikes Back: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial

7)    "Pepsi - King's Court" Super Bowl Ad

8)     Toyota Camry It's Reinvented! - Super Bowl Commercial 2012

So which is your favorite commercial?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Punggol Waterway, Punggol Promenade

Recently I had a little morning jog from Punggol Waterway to Punggol Marina & ended at Punggol Promenade...

I'm definitely going to attempt another morning session on the same path...

Lohei 2012 @ Punggol Edgedale Green

Fruit Lohei 2012Homemade Fruit Lohei 2012Fruit Lohei with Abalone
Lohei @ Punggol Edgedale GreenLohei @ Punggol Edgedale Green 2
Steamboat with Punggol Edgedale Green Neighbours

Having our fourth Annual Lohei with Punggol Edgedale Green Neighbours...

Even though some may shift to other estates as time goes...

May there be many more continued good gatherings & blessed years for all of us : )

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