Sunday, February 27, 2011

LunaTik - My iPod Nano Gen 6 Watch Strap

My LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Band from MINIMAL finally arrived. It was certainly a long wait...but after opening the UPS package...I realised It was well worth it...

The UPS Package from MINIMAL:
 UPS Packaging from MINIMAL

The Standard LunaTik iPod Nano Generation 6 Watch Band Box:
LunaTik iPod Nano Watch Band Box

The back of the LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Band Box:
LunaTik iPod Nano Watch Band box (Back)

The Instruction Menu that shows you how to fix up the watch band with iPod Nano:
LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Band from MINIMAL

Now I'm spoilt for choice... not sure which watch I will be wearing to work lol...
GC Watch vs LunaTik iPod Nano watch

In the end I decided I should show off my LunaTik iPod Nano Watch...
iPod Nano Generation 6 Watch Strap

Do you also have a nice iPod Nano Gen 6 Watch strap to show off... feel free to post here ; )

Thursday, February 24, 2011

M196 Prep Test Questions - IBM Social Software & Unified Comms Sales

M196 is another IBM Sales Professional Certification for Social Software & Unified Communications. I've also a set of study guide with preparation questions that helped me to pass the test papers with flying colors...

Feel free to email me at should you be interested to purchase the "Pass for Sure" prep kit at USD30 ; )

M198: IBM Lotus Notes & Domino Sales Mastery Test v1 Preparations

M198 is the latest sales mastery certification for IBM Business Partners selling Lotus Notes & Domino solutions. I've prepared some relevant test questions & notes necessary to pass it. It will be retailed @ USD50. Kindly email me if you are interested in these useful preparation questions...

Test information

There are 5 main sections:
  1. Understanding the Lotus Strategy
  2. Notes & Domino Portfolio
  3. Delivery Options
  4. Understanding Notes Domino Offerings
  5. Making the Sale
Below are some useful slides:

Lotus Sametime:

Lotus Foundations Start:

Lotus Notes Hosted Messaging:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Top Voted & Funniest Acappella Youtubers

Below are some top voted or viewed Acappella on Youtube...

I couldn't stop but admire the many top talents out ... YouTube has indeed provided an excellent platform for anyone who is ready to show the whole what they've got... some are insanely ridiculous, some are just plain crappy, some are hilarious, some are educational & useful... one thing for sure if the videos has hundreds of thousands or even million viewers... you know there are definitely hot...

Check them out:
"Teenage Dream & Just the way you are - Acapella Cover - Katy Perry - Bruno Mars - Mike Tompkins"

"Star Wars (John Williams Is The Man)' a cappella tribute medley - Corey Vidal and Moosebutte"

"On The Rocks - Bad Romance"

"Poker Face a cappella (Lady Gaga) Noteworthy - original upload"

"Lady Gaga Acapella Medley Multitrack (Just Dance, Poker Face, Chillin, & Paparazzi)"

..and mostly from Lady Gaga & Katy Perry tracks...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mr & Mrs Incredible (神奇侠侣) Review

When I first seen the promotional movie trailer of Mr & Mrs Incredible (神奇侠侣) at the cinemas I was quite sure I'm not spending a good SGD10 per pax to watch it in the silver screen.

Last Saturday, I actually mistakenly booked using my iPhone the movie tickets (with top positioned seats) thinking that it was "It's a Great Great World" which I heard so many raving compliments. I was praying hard that it will not be one of those "cannot make over the top stupid slap-sticks" or a disaster movie...

To my pleasant surprise, Mr & Mrs Incredible (2001) starring hunk Louis Koo (古天乐) & comedian Sandra Ng (吴君如) directed by Vincent Kok was not too bad an action comedy.

Kok cleverly uses spoofs of familiar comic characters  like DC's Batman & Disney's The Incredibles in the movie 神奇侠侣 (based in Ancient China) to depicts many common contemporary issues like infertility, properties investment, economy boosters, etc. So there's more depth than the spoof humour...

The show started with the retired superheroes duo The Gazer Warrior (Louis Koo) & The Aroma Woman (Sandra Ng) living a mundane life with their glorious heroic past behind them as simple country folks in a small & remote town. Pretty much like Disney's The Incredibles where the ex-superheroes couple secretly wish there's a little more excitement beyond their boring but peaceful jobs...

Things was about to change when they were informed that a major martial art event is to be held at their town...

4 out of 5 popcorn rating for entertainment

Feel free to share your take of the movie ; )

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vibrant Office Furnishings in Singapore

As there's more focus on greener & more ergonomic environment, more companies are adopting vibrant colours for their office furniture & designs. My workplace for instance uses the green & pine colour theme with water features (at the entrance) to create a more "friendly" & "harmonious" atmosphere. Our clients also commented on the green & relaxed feel.

Below are some of the pictures of the decor:

Feel free to share pictures of your cozy or nicely decorated office here : )

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Guess Collection (GC) Watch Purchased

I've finally decided to get my first Guess Collection (GC) Sports Chronograph bracelet watch while passing by one of the watch retail shop in Tanjong Pagar MRT station after a customer visit yesterday...
 GC Watch
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