Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Check out the Apple Watch Demo!

Hello... Apple Watch! It's retailing at USD349 in early 2015

Yes, Apple finally revealed their most anticipated product touted to be another game changer in the industry- the Apple Watch!

It might just redefine everything we want in a watch & send every other smart watch into oblivion - just like what the iPads did to all the netbooks...

It senses your touch, pulse, movements, location and interact according. It can even "motivate" you to do subtle workouts throughout the day, keep track of your heart rate/ health and share your "emotions".

It will be available in early next year retailing at USD349. A big relief that the rumoured retail price of USD600 wasn't true.

It comes in 2 different sizes  -

Apple Watch in 38mm & 42mm in height

It comes in 6 different straps and here are some of the designs :

Apple Watch White Sports Band

Apple Watch with a Magnetic Milanese Loop

Charging the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Charging with magnetic connector

Send any sketch with your finger

Get smart responses based on your conversation, audio messages & location

iPhone 5/6 with Apple Watch

The Apple Watch comes in 3 different Collections - Watch, Sport & Edition

1) Watch - Polished case with Stainless Steel with custom Alloy case

2) Sport - Durable Anodised Aluminium case

3) Edition - 18k Gold case

iPhone messages onto Apple Watch
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