Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lifestyle: Red Army Watches (RAW) Singapore

Some of my favourites from the Aviator series watches retail at Red Army Watches Singapore...

Aviator Poljot 3133 / 2705966

43mm, stainless steel with "gun metal" finish
mineral glass
20mm, leather strap
Water Resistance:
5 atm
manual winding chronograph, unique lug and case design, overlapping "counter" around dial, self luminous "tritium" markers
Aviator Poljot 3133/2705966
 List Price: S$1,675.00

MIG-29 3105/6975660 (Limited Edition)
Mechanical handwound Poljot 3105
45mm, stainless steel
22mm, black croc-print leather
Water Resistance:
Limited edition of 999, specially created for the Mig-29 pilots 
MIG-29 3105 Limited Edition 999
 List Price: S$903.00

Others watch collection also available from RAW:

Auf & Ab Gnomonik (Up & Down) 
Mechanical handwound SW07.9 (Made in Germany)
42mm, Stainless steel
24mm, leather strap
Water Resistance:
Single hand time-telling (for hours and minutes), 
sub seconds hand on the left, and power reserve 
indicator on the right. Elaborately decorated movement.

 List Price: S$3,940.00

Last but not least...

Cushion Chronograph 3133/161565

Mechanical handwound Poljot 3133

45mm, Rose gold plated stainless steel with PVD bezel
24mm, black leather
Water Resistance:
Chronograph with 30 minute totalizer, skeletonized sub-dials, rotatable inner bezel

 List Price: S$1,391.00

 So do you fancy any RAW listed above? Which is you choice?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ultraportable HP 2530p 128Gb SSD Elitebook for Sale!

Clearance sales of 35 units of Ultraportable (1.45kg)  HP 2530p 12.1" LED WXGA with 4Gb RAM & 128GB SSD Elitebook 3yr Warranty at S$1295 each.
HP Ultraportable Elitebook 2530p
Intel Core2 Duo Processor T9600 (2.13 GHz, 6 MB L2 cache, 1066 MHz FSB), 4GB DDR3 RAM, 128GB SSD HDD, DVDRW Drive, 12.1" WXGA illumi-Lite LED-backlit ,Mobile Intel GMA X4500 HD, up to 384 MB of shared system memory, Integrated 2MP Webcam, Carrying Case, 1.45 kg (weight will vary by configuration), 3 years international warranty, Windows Vista

Further Info on HP Elitebook 2530p:

Download physical specs from here:

Kindly contact me @ 90935120 should you be interested. Thanks!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Back to the Mac with Apple iLife'11

With all the excitement in the mobility arena, Apple has showed that they have not forgotten about their Mac business. But, expect more familiar iOS (iphone/iPad) feel into Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) & Apps...

 At the recent "Back to the Mac" event Apple has announced their mac revenue grossed (3x of what they had in 2005) at a startling $22B. That figure was only 33% while the rest of it comes from non-Mac business...

 The newly announced iLife '11 has definitely surpassed my expectations with all the cutting edge features found particularly with iPhoto '11, iMovie '11 & Garageband '11.
Apple iLife '11

Once again Apple has redefined how easy it is to share your experiences digitally while making you look like a professional. My favourites being the new "Movie Trailer" function from iMovie that enable you to make a "Blockbuster looking" Hollywood movie trailer...The social media integration with iPhoto on top of all the great special effect slideshows...also, the "How did I Play" to gauge how you play against the original music score from Garageband...

A sample of iMovie's "Movie Trailer" DIY clip by ProphotoHuston (Rome Wilkerson Photographer):

Simple template for creating "Hollywood" Movie trailers...just fill the details & iMovie will do the rest...

Some slideshows effects from iPhoto '11:
"Places" iPhoto 11 Slideshow effect

"Origami" iPhoto '11 Slideshow effect

Projects view shows you all your projects on a bookshelf. In full screen, you can see even more of them at once. Now where have I seen this view before...
iPhoto'11 "Project" view

Garageband's "How did I play"
How did I Play
 "As you play along with any lesson, record yourself. GarageBand listens in real time and tells you how you’re doing. You’ll see how well you played with colored notes, a progress bar, and a performance meter. You can check your rhythm and note accuracy, keep track of your progress, and beat your best score — all while perfecting your skills."

   Can't really wait to get my copy of iLife '11 over the weekend...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Before Apple iPad was Newton Messagepad

Long before Apple's iPad or iPhone was Apple Newton Messagepad (100, 120, 130, 2000 & 2100) & eMate 300 all running Newton OS then. So Apple didn't like "just wake up one morning" & decided to create a series of mobile devices like the iPhone & the iPad...

Below is an cute ad of Blackberry vs Apple iPad & Newton MP...

For those who had used the super slick Newton OS before would agree that there were many state-of-the-art features...many we wished we had them in the earlier iphone. Among were how text can be managed (copied, pasted, moved, erased, styled, etc) & also how free hand sketches can be turned into nice shapes in your notepad...not to mention printing or fax... too bad the world weren't ready for it then...
Apple Messagepad 2100
Check out the demo by "" on Apple's MP2100:

These are some old advertisements on Apple Newton MessagePad:
"Who is Newton?"

"What's Newton?"

Apple Newton Getting Started Video:

This is how Apple eMate 300 (also running Newton OS) looked:
Apple eMate 300

It kidda resembles a netbook doesn't it? Will the Netbook suffer the same fate?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Story of Internet Search Engines

Ever wonder what's the history of Internet Search Engines...
Internet Search Engines: History & List of Search Engines..
Infographic byWordStream Internet Marketing

Social Media Effect on Digg (Revised)

This fun diagram shows how a story hits Digg's Front Page & how it "spreads" to the rest of the social media platforms...

Will Digg lead the's up to you Social Media Netizens to empower the social media of choice for the future...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Aston Martin DBS at Orchard Singapore

Just caught sight of this super slick Aston Martin DBS (the car that James Bond drove in Casino Royale) outside Ion Orchard towards Wheelock Place.
"Drive away with this Aston Martin DBS"

Owners of DBS Black Amex Card will stand to win this Car

Aston Martin Outside Orchard ION

I wonder which lucky DBS credit card subscriber will be the proud winner of this grand prize...

The famous Aston Martin DBS flip scene from Casino Royale...

This is the extended version if you are a fan of James Bond...enjoy : )
Check out 2:20 to 3:00 of this clip

Feel free to share your favour car or video links at the comment box : )

Keep in touch!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Very Interesting Thai Advertisements

This is so funny... I just love thai ads...they are so creative

The Extra "Emo" Pantene Advertisement

The Lover Lizard ad - "Why didn't you get the right tiles !!"

Smooth-E Ad Part 1

Smooth-E Babyface Thai Ad Part 2

Smooth-E Babyface Thai Ad Part 3

Smooth-E Babyface Thai Ad Part 4

Smooth E Babyface Scrub Advert - "Materialism"

Smooth E Babyface Scrub Advert - "Daddy"

Another Funny Thai Ad

Funny Thai Ads - Smooth E Babyface is the best lol !!

Funny thai ad [pepermint jel] Compiled by "Usernameforyoutube"

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