Friday, January 14, 2011

Top Watch Straps for Latest iPod Nano 6G

I've recently embarked on a journey to seek the top iPod Nano 6th Generation (6G) watch strap to replace my seemingly broken seiko wrist watch I had for more than 6 years...

"Can an iPod Nano 6G become a watch?"

Below are some of the most happening in the market...

1)    HEX Watch Band (made of Premium Silicon)
retailing at USD29.95
HEX Watch Band for iPod Nano 6G

Video on HEX Watch Band

2)    Frontal Concepts' Infuse iPod nano watch strap (made of Polycarbonate & Silicon)
retailing at USD24.95
Frontal Concepts' Infuse iPod Nano 6G Watch Strap

It's available in Black, White & Brown.

3)    TikTok (made of high grade Silicon Rubber) & LunaTik (made of Aerospace grade Aluminum/Silicon rubber/Stainless Steel) iPod Nano watch kits
Retailing at USD34.95 & USD69.95 respectively
TikTok (L) & LunaTik (R)

LunaTik iPod Nano Watch Kit

Video on TikTok & LunaTik's creator, Scott Wilson

TikTok+LunaTik from Visere on Vimeo.

 4)   Maratac Nylon Single piece band
retailing at USD14.00
Maratac iPod Nano Watch Band

5)    Belkin iPod Nano Wristfit Watch Band (made of stretchable neoprene)

Retailing at USD19.90
Belkin WristFit

Review on Belkin Wristfit

6)    iWatchz Nanoclipz is probably the thinnest & quickest solution as Watch Band for iPod Nano 6G

Retailing at USD19.90

So are you considering getting a iPod Nano Watch?


  1. Check out the Rubber Band:

  2. Yeap iLoveHandles' Rubber Band definitely tops in terms of chic & clean-cut : ) Nicee...

  3. Heloooo... where can i find this one in Malaysia ?

    I want to buy it...

  4. also, check out the Loop.. definitely most seamless... form incorporates the nano perfectly

  5. please tell me singapore where can buy?

  6. Personally, I think the best is the Tik Tok Lunatik Lynk. It's metal and comes in silver or black. The problem is that the silver is $130 and the black is $140. Not sure I want to spend that much on one, but I'm thinking about it.
    It would be cool to get both though, so I guess money won't matter in the end.
    See both here:

  7. where can i buy the metal with silver? went to apple shop, it sell at $212 SGD which is very expensive. Any place to recommend where to get it at a cheaper rate?

  8. super blog.. very informative.. just what the doctor ordered!!!

  9. Thanks for the tips. It gives me more information about watch band, this post is really helpful. Thanks a lot!

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