Monday, August 16, 2010

How to Monitor & Control Social Media in Office by FaceTime

Free eDiscovery (monitoring) services by FaceTime for corporate offices using Social Media & Network like (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, QQ) & Instant Messenging (IM) like MSN, Yahoo Messenger. Below are some qualifying questions...

Note: As you've probably heard, Apple has announced that it will use "FaceTime" as the trademark for its new video calling application. FaceTime's agreement with Apple to transfer the FaceTime trademark to Apple comes as FaceTime are rebranding the company to better reflect their capabilities. They will be announcing a new name in the coming months.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Red Man (Salt Pepper Set) found on Road Railings

Recently spotted this little Red Man figurine on the road railing near Certis Cisco (Paya Lebar Road)...not sure if it's still there... let me know when u pass by that area yah...

A close-up look at the out of place little red man 

Originally from the Salt & Pepper set...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Images from Singapore Jurong Bird Park

Below are some pictures taken at Singapore's Jurong Bird Park using my Sony HDR-CX12E Handycam.

"Clear Reflections"

"Some believe in sitting around while others do the balancing act"
Some believe in sitting around while others do the balancing act

"Lonely road of a CEO"
Lonely road of a CEO

"The 3 Amigos"

"Looking for food in shallow waters"
Looking for food in shallow waters

"Watching each other's back"
Watching each other's back

"It's Ok to be different"
It's Ok to be different

"Who doesn't want a Bird's eye view"
Bird's Eye View
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