Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mac, PC & Apple (萍果电脑) iPad Network Diagram

Ever wondered how an office (SOHO) with Mac(萍果电脑), PC (ソニー株式会社) & Apple (アップル) iPad looks like? This simple network diagram illustrates a Mac Mini Server configured as a secure file server, Wiki Server & a Spotlight Server interworking with windows machines (PC), Macs & portable devices / tablets like iPads.

Check out the below diagram:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hit Girl & Big Daddy Inspired by Leon the Professional?

Kick Ass The Movie is considered to be fairly entertaining to an action movie buff like me. "Kick Ass" played by Aaron Johnson uses cosplay to inspire himself as a super hero ended up badly bashed by baddies...later realises that there is really a duo dressed in "Hero-apparels" that kick real baddies' asses...

After watching Kick Ass, I do have reminiscences of the following:

1) "Mystery Men" - The "cannot make it" heroes that eventually saves the day.

2)  "Kill Bill" - The gore & stuff by movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. With Uma Thurman as the killer bride who avenges (goes on a killing spree with her samurai knife) for the deaths of her unborn baby & all the people that was killed at her wedding by Assassin chief (ex-lover or something) - Bill (David Carradine, star of 'Kung Fu') who "hanged" himself in a luxury hotel suite in Bangkok.

3)  "Speed Racer"- Sound Track & the comic book effect.

4)   "Leon the Professional" - action thriller by French director Luc Besson. It stars Jean Reno, Gary Oldman, and a young Natalie Portman in her feature film debut. Somewhat Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) & Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) liken Mathilda (Natalie Portman) & Léon (Jean Reno). Similar to Hit Girl of Kick Ass, Mathilda pairs up with Leon to avenge the deaths of her loved ones.

Will Chloe Moretz be the next Natalie Portman...let's wait some years to find out : )

Below are trailers for Kick Ass the Movie & "Leon the Professional" :

Kick Ass & Hit Girl


Hit Girl in her "Bat Girl" Costume

Scenes from Leon the Professional:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Irresistible Great Singapore Sale (GSS)!

It's always considered to be a Great Sale when it comes to shoe & branded bags clearance sales for Singapore ladies...

I was once told that every lady shopper would at least momentarily stop & glance at any shoe shop on sale whether she's in a mood to get a pair of shoes or not... pretty much like -  the most decent guy would steal a glance when a hotie (someone of his type) crosses his path...

 Check out the scene of some crazy sale I chanced upon at Ngee Ann City after visiting a customer:

Btw, it's only a friday...can't imagine the crowd tomorrow when they see brand on sale like Geox, Nine West, etc.

They will kill each other grabbing the merchandises if it's Coach, Agnes B, LV & some other fancy brand names....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Singapore Top Western Restaurant selling Bangers & Mash at Vivocity

If you are at Vivocity & are looking for restaurants that serve great banger & mash, check out "The Queen & Mangosteen". This restaurant also serve other British western menu like Fish &  Chip, Steaks, Onion rings, etc
HarbourFront Walk
Opening hours
Sun–Thu 11am – Midnight  
Fri–Sat & PH Eve 11am – 1am
Tel: 6376 9380

Definitely a great place for beer & to chill out...
The Queen & Mangosteen

The Queen & Mangosteen

<---- Btw, those aren't donuts...they are actually delicious golden brown onion rings!

The most of the items in the restaurant menu are served in rather big portion. Great if you are sharing ala carte orders with friends...

4 of 5 stars for western food & Pub
Prices ranges from $25 - $40 per pax

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Atomic Fusion Sun Jar for Sale!

Atomic Fusion (AF) Sun Jars are great for those who intend to be more eco-friendly at the same time have a nice cozy (romantic for some) ambience with your family & friends.

The Eco-friendly Sun Jar will absorb energy (Light) onto the Solar powered cell in the day & will emit light when activated in the dark.

The AF Sun Jar has the standard "Sun" (Yellow) & "Moon" (Blue)mood setting when placed at a dark environment.

On top of those 2 moods, now you can also activate a new mood called "Atomic Energy"or "Atomic Fusion (AF)" mood. The color will change constantly to give you a groovy feel.

Kindly contact me at 90935120 should you be interested to get an "AF" Sun Jar or a normal Sun Jar.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Freelance Models Application Form

Kindly fill up the Freelance Modeling Assignments Personal Particular form if you are interested to be in my database. Feel free to forward your portfolio if you have any to

I'm currently consolidating a list of model profiles for potential assignments for some of my potential clients & PR Companies...

Shortlisted candidates will be notified at least 2-3 weeks before castings or assignments. Thanks for your participation.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Apple Spotlight & Wiki Server 2

 Apple Wiki Server 2

Apple Spotlight Server

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Singapore Top French Restaurant - Black Sheep Cafe

Black Sheep Cafe is definitely one of the best french restaurants in Singapore.

Other than the cozy ambience, the chef actually listens & constantly strive for greater heights in his french cum European crusine.

Btw, some of the ornamental decos are gifts from his regular customers...

The chef will create a new menu every few months...especially when he is being "challenged" on a particular dish...he will show you nothing's too difficult for him...

The restaurant is located at 35 Mayo Street (near the Verge).  Prices range from $25 - $45 per pax.
4 of 5 stars rating

Some of the speciality of Black Sheep Cafe includes:

Duck Confit (Photo from Hungrygowhere)

Kahlua Souffle

Pork Cheeks

Foie gras

Baked Cheese

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hello Kitty Accessories Craze!

Once upon a time there was the infamous McDonald Hello Kitty frenzy that causes "never before" crazy over-night queues in all the McDonald restaurants in Singapore.

Incidentally, I was one of those people free & crazy enough to join in the "Fun"...

I believe "Hello Kitty" is by far the most successful branding by the Toy Maker & Stationery Giant - Sanrio Co., Ltd. (株式会社サンリオ Kabushiki-kaisha Sanrio).

The word Sanrio comes from the Japanese word "San" and the Spanish one "Rio". These words mean "three" and "river" respectively.

Little known to many, other than their movie production and publishing Sanrio also participate in the fast food industry, running a franchise of KFC in Saitama. Sanrio also own the rights to the Peanuts characters in Japan.

The company produced a line of character merchandise around gift-giving occasions. It wasn't until 1973 that the company was officially established under the name "Sanrio." 

Some of characters created are The Little Twin Stars (created by Mr. Tsuji himself), My MelodyKeroppiTuxedo SamBadtz-Maru, etc

 Sanrio constantly adds new characters to its lineup (up to three a year), so some of the older characters go into retirement. Some of Sanrio's newest characters are Charmmy Kitty (Hello Kitty's pet cat), Kuromi (My Melody's rival) and Chi Chai Monchan (a pink monkey who balances bananas on his head).

Below are some of interesting accessories I seen in Singapore:

1) Hello Kitty Bowl Hugger. 
In case you are wondering what's a bowl hugger...check out below :

2)   The other interesting Hello Kitty product found here is the Hello KItty Exhaust Pipe owned by one of my neighbours.

Feel free to share sightings of rare hello kitty stuff here ; )
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