Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple iPad vs Amazon Kindle DX - Will Kindle survive?

So it's finally out... the name for Apple's tablet has been announced - iPad. This also end a series of rumours that's lingering for the longest time.

Will the iPad kill the Kindle?

Not immediately in my opinion. Unless Apple is able to extend the battery life of iPad to 50-60 hrs I believe there's still a market for Kindle.

But Kindle is unlikely to be big in Asia as where I come from we are more into multimedia than just plain reading - which is what Amazon's Kindle does best.

And the plus point...just like a book, you will probably get your Kindle back when you lose it. That's not gonna happen for the iPad.

I believe no one on the planet at this point of time or even for the next 2-3 years will beat Apple in terms of User Interface (UI), Product Design & their "supply chain based launch-to-market" product strategy. Creating a whole eco-system around their products even before launching them will set their competitors miles apart..Steve (& the Apple team) is definitely a genius!

Below are some specs of Kindle vs iPad:

Specs of Apple's to be launched iPad:

So watch out Amazon...the new kid on the "pad" is going to hit your Kindle real hard soon if you don't do something drastic about it...


  1. i like this gadget (ipad), many high tech features offering. Good...

  2. I'm definitely recommending my client to get at least one when the wifi cum 3G model is out in Singapore

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  4. iPad owners will be keeping their Kindle DX for a while - having the best of both worlds


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