Sunday, September 19, 2010

Interesting Speculative Singapore MRT Maps

There are quite a number of Singapore MRT route maps found from the web. Below are of 2 of most plausible & "Comprehensive"...

This one is most complex speculative Singapore MRT route that links all the way to Johor Bahru...

Sometimes it's really hard to differentiate what's real & what's fake...This is one is the actual one from SMRT:
SMRT MRT Route as of April 2010
You can download the pdf version from here -


  1. What?! No Downtown Line, Thomson Line and Circle Line Extention in 2040?! Are SBS, LTA and SMRT all mad?!!

    1. Yeah, all mad!
      Earliest at 2140 and not at 2040!

    2. Mad, Mad, Mad!

    3. Oh I think BayFront can be taken away because of the future CE Line. I mean DTL links Promenade with BayFRont so taking it away is reasonable.

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