Saturday, March 20, 2010

Everything Korean in Singapore Lately - Food & Restaurants

With the rise of the Korean Wave in Singapore, K-Pop, K-Dramas & Korean food is a common place in Singapore. Some of my favourite Korean stuff include:

1) Korean Rice Drink:

One of the places you can get the drink other korean stuff at reasonble prices is SOL Mart @ Novena Square 2:

2) Delicious Korean Cuisine. Some of my favourite local korean restaurant include:

- Red Pig Korean Restaurant (93 Amoy Street)

- Nolboo Hangari Galbi (Orchard Central)

Doong Ji Korean Restaurant (222 East Coast Rd)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little Vietnam Restaurant & Cafe in Singapore - Part 2

Below is a video shot of the Little Vietnam Restaurant & Cafe located at 511 Guillemard Road (Grandlink Square)

The friendly waitresses at LV Restaurant looking attentively for customers' orders & requests...

Alfresco Dining

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Arowana vs Frog in Punggol

Jimmy's prized Arowana had a little situation with the "Pretend to die" Frog during our Punggol Edgedale Green gathering.

Below are some of the videos of our steamboat session at Jimmy & Alexis' place:

Are you ready to watch Daddy's Arowana in action?

Check out the "Dead Frog" Series:

1) "Dead for Sure" Frog

2) Arowana vs "Pretend to be Dead" Frog - Rocky

3) "Pretend to be Dead" Frog strikes once again!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shinjuku Incident (新宿事件) Screened on Cable Channel 62 lately

Last year I had to rush off & didn't manage to catch Jackie Chan & Daniel Wu who came to Plaza Singapura to promote their new Movie - Shinjuku Incident (新宿事件). Also known as 新宿インシデント) in Japan.

I finally caught Shinjuku Incident couple of days back on cable. Really enjoyed the strong cast & the story line.

Director Derek Yee spent 10 years preparing for this film... was further delayed when he decided to wait for buddy Jackie Chan who was filming Rush Hour 3 - Yee felt Chan was most suited for the role of "Steelhead".

Other Guest Cast include:

" Inspector Kitano" - Steelhead's police friend by Naoto Takenaka (竹中 直人)

- remember the funny "self-declared" music teacher of Swing Girls? 

Also, Fan Bing Bing (范冰冰) as "Lily", Steelhead's pretty girl friend

Fan (冰冰) rose to stardom after the successful taiwanese periodic TV drama - Princess Pearl (还珠格格) Huan Zhu Ge Ge

She also starred next to Andy Lau in "Battle of Wits"  (墨攻)

Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist @ New Hong Lim Complex Market

For fans of Wanton noodle, the famous Ji Ji Wanton Specialist from Hong Lim Complex has been relocated to an adjacent street - Upper Pickering Street. 
This temporary relocation will take about 1 year while the existing market is undergoing a major revamp...

What's so amazing about this noodle stall other than their top Wanton noodles & Soy Sauce Chicken noodles is that the lady in green have such incredible memory in taking orders. She's able to summarize all the "mix & match" orders from different customers (easily more than 7) for the chef whenever there's a long queue.

The temp Hong Lim complex Market & Food Centre

Will the food be as good as before after the renovation? Let's wait & find out a year later...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pasta Inc Italian Restaurant along Jalan Besar

Anyone tried the Italian restaurant along Jalan Besar Road...seems promising.

Understand prices starts range from $25 - $40 per pax.

Chou Toufu (臭豆腐) Xin Zai Restaurant on fire?

There were many SCDF fire engine vehicles parked outside the famous "Xin Zai" Chou Toufu restaurant along Geylang Road. Seems like a fire alert...

There were also many Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers seen at the Xin Zai (臭豆腐) chou (Stinky or Smelly) toufu  restaurant.

The scene was cleared after 20 mins.
Chow Tou Fu on Fire?

Authentic Vietnamese Food in Singapore?

Looking for Authentic Vietnamese food in Singapore? 
Check out "Little Vietnam" restaurant at the GrandLink Square located between the junction of Geylang & Guillemard Road.  This is the view from City Plaza.

Menu ranges from S$4 to S$10+
This place is also frequent hangouts for expats & local staying nearby.
4 out of 5 stars rating.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Maxim Beloserkovsky & Irina Dvorovenko - Interview Part 5 of 5

This is the final part of the Interview with Maxim Beloserkovsky & Irina Dvorovenko from American Ballet Theater at Singapore Sun Festival 2009 Press Event by Winnie Fong, People Trends Magazine

Maxim & Irina share their challenges to be where they are now...

Candid pictures of our celebrity ballet couple below:

 Earlier parts of the interview below: - Part 1/5 - Part 2/5 - Part 3/5 - Part 4/5

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In a Sticky Situation like a Lizard trapped in a trapper?

How do a lizard get out of a good lizard trapper?

Nowadays, technology (competition) has enabled even amateurs to do professional jobs...

"So can somebody please get me out of this sticky situation?"

Model: Ex-House Pest
Props: 1Step Lizard Trapper

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Algorithm March with Ninja - Really Fun

Algorithm March with Ninja is originally created by japanese based on the children's television (NHK) series PythagoraSwitch

The Algorithm March - Click here for funny video clips
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