Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 has set the Benchmark! Also Cisco IOS ok with Apple iOS

Yes, Steve Jobs has finally announced the highly anticipated 4th generation - Apple iPhone 4.

Has Apple created the "perfect" smartphone in the market?

Apple's ‘future of iPhone OS’ Event on 8th of April has definitely whetted the appetite of every iphone developer & iPhone enthusiast from everywhere around the globe when he gave a preview of "iPhone OS 4.0". At last, Apple has delivered what's lacking.

This is perhaps the single most significant upgrade since the introduction of the iPhone. Apple Inc has kept all the best features & specs for the 4th generation of iPhone. 

Among the 100 new features are 

1)  Lighting fast switching Multi-tasking - just double click on Home button to display all your active apps running on background

2)  LED Flash 5-MegaPix Camera with 720p HD recording & a secondary camera at the front for FaceTime (Apple's state-of-art one touch video conferencing) 

Now with one touch video zooming...

3)  Super 960 x 640 "Retina display" with LED backlight giving unparalleled viewing experience on the 3.5"

4)  An intelligent drag-n-drop way of "grouping" all your apps using "Folders for Apps" & one touch on the Folder expands all grouped items for your selection.

5)  Better battery life with 40% more talk time

6) Ability to change your wallpaper (without hacking it...lol)

7) iBook eReader used in iPad (required download from App Store)

8) iMovie at USD4.99 for instant video editing & uploads to Youtube, Vimeo & other video sharing sites

9) Unified Inbox displaying all your emails in "All Inboxes" at one go.
The new iPhone OS is now called iOS 4 . It seems that the dispute between Apple & Cisco (Cisco previously used "iPhone" for their Linksys IP phone products) is over since Cisco now has no problem Apple using "iOS".

Note: Cisco's "Internetworking Operating System" is also called IOS (but with a capital "i").

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