Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Apple iPhone 3GS users happy with iOS 4 Update

iOS 4 Software Update is fresh from Apple's oven & is available free for iPhone 3Gs & 3G users. With the exception of some physical enhancements available only on the iPhone 4, elated 3GS users can now access to over 100 amazing new features.

Here's screen captures of my newly upgraded iPhone 3GS:

Switching between Apps with new Multitasking features

You can now organise your apps by putting them into "Folders". Each Folder can store up to 9 Apps...

You need iTunes 9.2 to be installed before you can download the 378MB iOS 4 Update.

iPhone 3G users (announced at Apple WWDC) won't be able to use the Multi-tasking option due to it's smaller memory & speed limitations. Some 3G users are also experiencing slower start-ups...

Check out the following 4 easy steps to upgrade to iOS 4 from Apple "Learn how" -

Might be a good idea to switch to Airplane mode to avoid unnecessary interruptions during upgrade

iOS 4 updating in progess...

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