Friday, March 9, 2012

Manga Models Studio Shoot

Finally after weeks of scouting around @ MM & Clubsnap for Ink Fusion's "Manga" themed Studio Shoot I managed to put together 3 x freelance models, 2 x photographer (my colleagues) & 1x make-up artist (MUA) friend for last Saturday's afternoon session at "The Studio Outfitters.

Below are some of the group shots we had:

The Casts:


Amber Yap Huixin
Model: Amber Huixin

Erica Jade Lee
Model: Erica Jade Lee

Melissa Jane Ferosha
Model: Melissa Jane Ferosha


Darryl Tan
Photographer: Darryl Tan

Barry Allen
Photographer:Barry Allen

Make-Up Artist for Amber

Syebvonne Looi
Make-up Artist: Syebvonne Looi

More Shots:

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