Thursday, January 26, 2012

My 1st Bouldering at Climb Asia (60 Tessensohn Rd)

Just went for my first Bouldering (Indoor Rock Climbing) session yesterday at the Climb Asia located at Tessensohn Clubhouse, Civil Service Club.

The idea of doing some bouldering workout was initiated by Rachel (one of my church buddies) after hearing that I needed to shed some pounds but wished that it would not be boring like jogging & stuff...

With a bit of a height phobia, the bouldering gym with thick protective floor mattress on the 2nd floor of the Tessensohn Clubhouse was perfect for a newbie like myself. Btw, Rachel is also a newbie who had probably attended 2-3 bouldering sessions before.

Below are some shots of my virgin experience:

More info on Climb Asia can be found below:

Climb Asia Pte. Ltd. 
Address: 60 Tessensohn Road, c/o Civil Service Club,
Singapore 217664
Tel: (65) 6292-7701 Fax: (65) 6292-2281

Opening Hours:
0500hrs – 2300hrs
Tuesday to Friday:
1200hrs – 2300hrs

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday:
10000hrs – 2100hrs

Official website -

Some Youtube Videos on basic Bouldering Techniques:

Rock Climbing for Beginners- Video 5- Climbing Techniques 1

Rock Climbing for Beginners- Video 6- Climbing Techniques 2

Rock Climbing for Beginners- Video 7- Bouldering

Introduction to Rock Climbing:

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