Sunday, January 29, 2012

Looking for Freelance Models for Manga Mag

ink Fusion, a Singapore-based Manga illustration company is currently looking for fresh faces (models) for the cover of a new Manga series. Apparently, I've shortlisted a few Singapore freelance models but is awaiting for the founder of ink Fusion to decide on the cover model(s). 

Below are some sample of their works... do let me know if you are keen to do up a manga portfolio for future projects...

I'm contactable via or sms @ 90935120. 
Singapore Manga on Reflections of Local Entrepreneurs

Sample Contents of Volume 1 - on Elfaine co-founder of Fr3b

Some of my top recommended models (in no order of preference):
1) Emily Chia
Emily Chia
2) Bernice Soon
Bernice Soon
3) Miao Premier
Miao Premier

More info on using Manga to promote entrepreneurship can be found @ the following websites (click on Url or scan the QR Code):


  1. hello are they still looking for models?

  2. Hello,

    This is Miao,
    This message is sent to all the webpage regardless of public/amateur photographer, professional photographer/private company.

    Due to personal reason, I would like to request you all to remove any of my photos and name from any social networking site or webpage, for example:

    If there is any other photo of mine on webpage, please do remove as soon as possible.
    If there is any other articles mentioning my name, "Miao Premier" please do remove too.
    I am going to lodge police report against all my published photos regardless its paid or non paid, permitted or non permitted.

    I'm very sorry for inconvenience,
    If there is any further question, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you.

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