Thursday, October 27, 2011

Premier of "2359" An Army Ghost Story

My wife & I managed to catch the movie premier of "An Army Ghost Story" - "23:59" at GV Vivocity. There's also a mini movie publicity for the cast & the director to share their thought & experience during filming...

Below are some of the pictures & videos of the premier night...
Mark Lee with Director Gibert Chan

23:59 director Gibert Chan with the cast @ Movie Premier Night

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A rumor had been circulating like wild fire amongst the soldiers. A mad woman living on the island had died at the exact hour of 23:59, and it is believed that her spirit had returned to haunt the soldiers at the exact same time.

One of the recruits, Tan, the introverted platoon outcast, is adamant that he will be the next victim of the mad woman's spirit. He tries to convince his buddy Jeremy that the woman's spirit has been visiting him every night. Jeremy laughs it off and claims that there are no such things as ghosts in this world. They only exist because of Tan's overactive imagination.

However, during the 24 km road march for the platoon in the forest, Tan was found dead by the river, with his limbs contorted in a strange way and an expression of deep fear on his face. Overwhelmed with guilt, Jeremy decides to investigate Tan's death, convinced that it was not an accident as what the military officers believe.

Little does he know that the truth behind Tan's death will unearth a terrible dark secret of the island and he will have to confront his deepest fears in order to find the truth.

Golden Village - 23:59 Super Date Night

The cast of "23:59"

The cast of "23:59" @ Premier Night of the Movie

Mascot @ GV Vivocity on Premier of 23:59

Close-up shot of "scary lady" @ GV Vivocity


  1. gosh as i scroll down the photo the girl staring directly at the camera gives me goosebumps!


  2. "gosh as i scroll down the photo the girl staring directly at the camera gives me goosebumps!" <--- Hey me too! :(


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