Saturday, October 1, 2011

My 2 Top Stars in X-Factor 2011

Melanie Amaro is definitely my top favourite contestant in Fox's X-Factor 2011. Check out her audition at Miami...

Melanie Amaro from Florida @ X-Factor 2011

The Judges had said it all...
LA: "everything that I walked away from to do X-factor... you just made it worth it - Yes!"
Nicole: "this is why I do this...people like you inspire me"..."you made a believer out of me - Yes!"
Paula: "You have an unique ability unlike anything we heard...I dun think it's like I ever heard in any auditions I've been in..."
Simon: "when I was asked by many people why I bring this show to America... it's because I was hoping to find someone like you in..."

    All the best Melanie!

The other unbelievable gem is Chris Rene, 28 who sang "YOUNG HOMIE" ... he also wrote & made the music... amazing talented...
Chris Rene from Santa Cruz, California @ X-Factor 2011

LA:"I've worked with the greatest hip-hop artistes...& they will be proud of me telling you that you're the truth ..."
Nicole: "I can't even describe your talent...people asked me what's the X-factor... I said I can't describe it... so I guess you got the X-factor"
Paula: "You're a bright just lite us all're so talented words cannot articulate..."
Simon: "Always my feeling in the world is when I sit on this chair & I meet a star for the 1st time...I like the fact that maybe you need the show or maybe we need you..." you have it... my other top favourite... "trash collector" turned mega x-factor sensation - Chris R!!
You gonna make America & the producers of this show very proud : )

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