Thursday, March 3, 2011

Apple iPad 2 Leading the pack

Steve Job has just launched the iPad 2!

We now have a thinner, lighter & faster 9.7" iPad with dual cameras (front & back), HDMI Video output, A-GPS, digital compass, 3-axis Gyro & Accelerometer bundled with Apple IOS 4.3 & the fun photo booth!

Just like the iPhone 4, all the necessary features are now complete. The possibilities with this revolutionary multi-touch tablet is now endless...

I can see it's gonna be an irresistible companion for many... especially for those in the education, creative & music environment. Parents & children alike is going to bring at least 1 Pad 2 around.

We will see more "iPad" musical bands formed, video bloggers or people in the media industry using it to draft their story...more companies using the more cost effective iPad 2 & relying lesser on laptops for their mobile force (especially those in sales or in survey line).

The US Apple Store is now retailing the super sleek Black & White iPad 2 starting at USD499

iPad 2 in Black & White

Back of iPad

Below are the detailed tech specs of the iPad 2:

Too bad Singapore (in fact Asia) is not on the initial list of countries chosen to retail the iPad 2... this means more costly parallel imports for those early adopters...will you be one of them?

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  1. Apple products are always bought it, the work of stive jobs are awesome


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