Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Input Chinese Text in Mac OS X

Need to input chinese text in your Mac? These are 4 simple steps for those that are new to Apple's Mac OS X.

1)             Go to Apple Menu Bar & Select “System Preferences…” from the Apple Menu icon  located on the upper left hand corner.

2)             Click on “Language & Text” from the “System Preferences” window.

3)             Click on “Input Sources” tab, locate “Chinese - Simplied” option & check on the required or desired input method. i.e. “Pinyin – Simplified”, “Wubi Xing”, etc.

4)             Locate the U.S. “Flag” on the Apple Menu Bar located on the top right & Select “Pinyin – Simplified” or other desired input method.

5      Start to Type in Chinese type via selected input method. Remember to switch back to “U.S.” Keyboard input icon after you are done with the chinese characters.

Have Fun! Hope it helps...

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