Saturday, September 1, 2012

Singapore NDP Theme Songs

This is a compilation of the different singers for Singapore National Day Parade (NDP) Theme Songs through the years - from 2002 to 2012...

1) NDP 2002 Theme Song - "We Will Get There" sung by Stefanie Sun

2)  NDP 2003 Theme Song - "One United People" sung by Stefanie Sun

3)  NDP 2004 Theme Song - "Home" sung by Kit Chan

4)  NDP 2005 Theme Song - "Reach out for the Skies" sung by Rui En & Taufik (Eng)

     NDP 2005 Theme Song - "勇敢向前飞" sung by Rui En (Mand)

5)  NDP 2006 Theme Song - "My Island Home" sung by Kaira Gong

6)  NDP 2007 Theme Song - "There's No Place I'd Rather Be" sung by Kit Chan

7)  NDP 2008 Theme Song - "Shine for Singapore" sung by Hady Mirza

8)  NDP 2009 Theme Song - "What Do You See" by sung Electrico

9) NDP 2010 Theme Song - "Song for Singapore" by sung Corrinne May

10) NDP 2011 Theme Song - "In A Heartbeat" by sung Sylvia Ratonel

11) NDP 2012 Theme Song - Love at First Light sung by Olivia Ong & Natanya Tan

So which ones do you enjoy?

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