Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Funny DirecTV Ads (Compilation)

I'm a commercial junkie & absolutely adores those creative & hilarious ones... here's some funny DirecTV Ads...

Funny DirecTV Ads

 When you are bored at home... u watch silly commercials... when u watch silly commercials, u show it to your wife... when you show them to your wife...your wife get irritated ... when your wife get irritated she ask you to do a bunch of housework... don't stay at home with wife when you are bored...

1) Charlie Sheen DIRECTV TV Commercial 2012

2) "Don't Sell Your Hair to a Wig Shop" 2012 Commercial

3) "Stop Taking in Stray Animals" 2012 Commercial

4) "Don't Wake Up in a Roadside Ditch" 2012 Commercial

5) "Don't Have a Grandson with a Dog Collar" 2012 Commercial

Don't stay at home, have an enjoyable labour day with your loved ones...

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