Sunday, April 15, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab Thai Ads

Recently just chanced upon some ads on Samsung Galaxy Tab (in Thai) entitled - "Love at First Flight" (ตกเครื่องจนตกหลุมรัก). A very well directed "dramatized" commercial ad connecting romance with personal tech products... Korean Tech with Thai's creativity in romantic comedies - that's a sure-fire combi...
Love at First Flight by Samsung Galaxy Tab


Below are the ads found on Youtube...

Nowadays it's not really about how great your technology is... it's how well received is your branding to your targeted audience... using viral social media platform like online video streaming (Yotube, Metacafe, Vimeo, etc) is definitely the most efficient way to send one's message to the masses...

Seems like Samsung is gaining a lot of ground in Thailand... Nokia (previously the top mobile brand) is probably going to be outed very soon... well, it's not a sure-win territory for Apple yet...


  1. do you know the song title when Tam heard it at Samsung Galaxy Tab? that song is awesome.
    thank you

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