Friday, November 12, 2010

Fire Alarm at Pinnacle at Duxton Blk 1G

The fire alarm at Blk 1G of Pinnacle @ Duxton was triggered at around 10pm on Thursday night. This alarm immediately alerted the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) to the scene within 10mins.

Below are video footage capture during the ordeal...

Arrival of SCDF's Fire Engine -

SCDF officers spring to action at the Pinnacle upon arrival -

Fire Alarm was triggered around 10pm at Blk 1G, Pinnacle@Duxton

Super Fast Response from SCDF to Blk 1G

SCDF officers immediately deploy themselves into various position at Blk 1G

It seems to be a false alarm or the fire had subsided
Those SCDF folks at 24th storey "radioed" that they couldn't locate the reported smoke/fire

Likely to be a false alarm but the lifts has been stopped...a handful of the residence staying at Blk 1G were stuck at the ground floor...

The SCDF officers stationed themselves for sometime... just in case

Good thing it wasn't anything serious... were you those stuck at the ground floor when the lift was stopped?

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