Sunday, October 17, 2010

Before Apple iPad was Newton Messagepad

Long before Apple's iPad or iPhone was Apple Newton Messagepad (100, 120, 130, 2000 & 2100) & eMate 300 all running Newton OS then. So Apple didn't like "just wake up one morning" & decided to create a series of mobile devices like the iPhone & the iPad...

Below is an cute ad of Blackberry vs Apple iPad & Newton MP...

For those who had used the super slick Newton OS before would agree that there were many state-of-the-art features...many we wished we had them in the earlier iphone. Among were how text can be managed (copied, pasted, moved, erased, styled, etc) & also how free hand sketches can be turned into nice shapes in your notepad...not to mention printing or fax... too bad the world weren't ready for it then...
Apple Messagepad 2100
Check out the demo by "" on Apple's MP2100:

These are some old advertisements on Apple Newton MessagePad:
"Who is Newton?"

"What's Newton?"

Apple Newton Getting Started Video:

This is how Apple eMate 300 (also running Newton OS) looked:
Apple eMate 300

It kidda resembles a netbook doesn't it? Will the Netbook suffer the same fate?

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  1. My iPod touch has a cracked screen, will apple repair it or replace if for the 110$?
    I want to get one with a bigger hard drive but will Apple repairs it and then send me a new one which I could return to the apple store and get a one with a bigger hard drive?


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