Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist @ New Hong Lim Complex Market

For fans of Wanton noodle, the famous Ji Ji Wanton Specialist from Hong Lim Complex has been relocated to an adjacent street - Upper Pickering Street. 
This temporary relocation will take about 1 year while the existing market is undergoing a major revamp...

What's so amazing about this noodle stall other than their top Wanton noodles & Soy Sauce Chicken noodles is that the lady in green have such incredible memory in taking orders. She's able to summarize all the "mix & match" orders from different customers (easily more than 7) for the chef whenever there's a long queue.

The temp Hong Lim complex Market & Food Centre

Will the food be as good as before after the renovation? Let's wait & find out a year later...


  1. $2.50/$3/$4/$5 and



  2. Good food do come cheap if you know where to find : )

  3. one of the best wonton noodle i had...


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