Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Story of the Candy Cane

Long ago, a candymaker wanted to make a piece of candy that would remind his customers to celebrate Jesus at Christmas. He created the candy cane as his special gift to the Lord.

The candymaker began with white candy that stood for the purity of the Lord. He shaped it like a “J” for Jesus. When he turned it upside down he saw it became the staff of his shepherd. The red stripes would remind everyone of the cost of their salvation that came through Jesus’ blood. He added the peppermint flavor to symbolize the spices which were gifts from the wisemen.

Today this simple candy cane still reminds us to celebrate the sweetest gift of Christmas – JESUS!

The sweetest Gift!
WHITE for purity of God ‘s only Son;
RED for the blood our salvation won;
STRIPED for the pain borne on Calvary;
He did it all for you and for me;
SHAPED like the staff of our Shepherd who came;
Jesus …………… is His Holy name!

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